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Enjoy the new Hart van Utrecht!


Poolcafé Hart van Utrecht has been a known term around 27 jaar in the center of Utrecht. The building has been renovated recently and now contains 12 professional pool-tables that have Simonis game-cloths and Aramith game-balls. We organise pooling tournaments and internal pooling competitions.


In the middle of the area there is a Grand Café, which contains 60 places to sit. This area is for enjoying a drink and snacks before and after the games. After the renovation, the menu has been extended to have a larger variability of choices for all our customers. Please enjoy your beers, wines, cocktails, liquors and soda, together with snacks.

Live Sports

We also offer the possibility to watch live sports at our Poolcafé! Enjoy all the best sports on more than 10 screens with ultimate high quality!

There is even a bigger screen with a beamer and surround sound in our Grand Café area for an even better experience!