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House rules

1.     Consumption is mandatory during your stay.

2.     Request a pool table at the bar before starting your play.

3.     The use of any (soft / hard) drugs is forbidden.

4.     It is forbidden to smoke outside of the smoking room.

5.     It is forbidden to sit on the pool tables due to weight limits and damages.

6.     If discrimination or intimidation is detected, the person concerned will immediately be evicted.

7.     In the event of vandalism or theft, the police will be contacted immediately.

8.     You will be held responsible and liable for damage to company property if you do not comply to the rules.

9.     Headwear or training pants are not allowed, please wear appropriate clothing.

10.   The management has the right to refuse access to anyone.

11.   Access after 19:00 hour is only for 18+ years.

12.   A maximum of 6 people per pool table is allowed.

13.   A maximum playing time of 1 hour is used in busy times, you can be requested to end your play.

14.   At the end of the game, please return the balls to the bar and place the cues in the racks.

15.   Please keep the pool center clean.

16.   In addition to the rules, the house rules of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland also apply here.

By playing at Hart van Utrecht pool center, you agree with all rules and concequences by not following these.